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Three Keys Chapter overview
  • Chapter One - The Dynamics of Success
  • Chapter Two - Key 1: Successful People are Visionaries
  • Chapter Three - Key 2: Successful People are Goal-directed
  • Chapter Four - Key 3: Successful People Practice the Golden Rule
  • Chapter Five - The Bonus Key: Unlocking Eternal Success

Principles outlined in the book
  • True success comes from achieving the desires of the heart.
  • Everyone, regardless of position or status, possesses the Three Keys to Great Success!
  • God has instilled in each of us a powerful reservoir of talent and ability—largely untapped forces ready to be unleashed to supernaturally energize His wondrous plans and purpose for our lives.
  • Great success is a choice, yet less than 1% choose to fully use their keys to achieve it.
  • Those who use their Keys to Great Success are rewarded with a winning feeling and a meaningful purpose throughout life.
  • Those that fully use their Keys to Great Success achieve 10 to 100 times more!
  • A little extra effort can yield a tremendous increase in what we accomplish, an advantage known as the competitive edge.
  • Few adults dare to strive for great success because of imaginary self-imposed barriers brought about by negative conditioning.
  • To energize the Keys to Great Success, we must possess:
    • A sound mind
    • Average ability
    • Great desire
  • What my mind can conceive, believe and desire, I will achieve!
  • Visions should be impossible. Do not underestimate the latent power that lies within each of us.
  • People you love and/or respect will try to discourage you from pursuing your vision. Do not let them steal your victory!
  • The first and most important step in learning how to be a visionary is to schedule a Dynamic Life Retreat.
  • Goals transform visions into reality. Without goals visions are merely fantasies.
  • To achieve your goals you must persistently focus your thoughts, priorities and energy on them without compromise.
  • The first criteria for goal-setting success is commitment—commitment to get started and persevere, something that separates the few big winners in life from all the others.
  • In setting goals, avoid short cuts; be patient and concentrate on excellence.
  • Work every day at treating your customers and employees the way you want to be treated—it is good business!