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Each society has those who reach the peak of success to the astonishment of those who know them best: family, friends, neighbors, former teachers and colleagues. We can all be that one! Success is not always about fame and fortune, but is always about achieving your potential. Finch Success helps individuals reach their potential through proven success strategies that anyone can master. These seminars and easy, step-by-step books help you learn to unlock the secrets to true success with astonishing results. Take a look at the most recent books, DVDs and upcoming seminars to find how you can starting applying Finch Success in your own life!
Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, but it should be so much more. Finch Success is focused on teaching people how to attain Great success. "Great" is emphasized because while many people experience some degree of success, only a very few achieve truly great success. The Three Keys that Open the Door to Great Success is a book that can teach you how to reach incredible goals and impossible dreams. Three Keys does this by showing you how to apply central ideas that are the basis of great success. Author Dr. Harold Finch has devoted over 50 years studying and researching the dynamics of success. He has identified, along with the Three Keys, 20 principles—powerful seeds of truth and inspiration that you can use to achieve success that will transform your life and give you more satisfaction and joy than you could ever imagine. The information found in the book is both powerful and effective. Before you buy this amazing book, look through the chapter overview and read some of the principles for yourself. This little book is a must own for anyone seeking success or more success and has helped over 100,000 people all over the world reach their true potential. [ Read More... ]
  • "Dr. Finch gave a dynamic presentation on 'Achieving Winning Goals' to my medical staff. We were in the throes of planning and his instruction was exactly what we needed!
    - Luis Nava, M.D.
    Director, Public Health, Merida, Venezuela
  • "This little book (Three Keys) is dynamite—should be required reading for every high school and university student and aspiring entrepreneur."
    - Joe Calhoon
    Director, Certified Speaking Professional
  • "Your three keys to success are right on target. Apply them faithfully and be prepared for wonderful things to happen!"
    - Don Pearce
    President, Pearce Construction
  • "Awesome! I wish it could be presented to my university class."
    - Matt S.
    Student, Central State Missouri University
  • "I left your conference inspired and full of ideas. Would you come and speak to my employees?"
    - Rob Poettgen
    General Manager, Bordner Roofing, Kansas City
  • "Dr. Harold Finch spoke to packed auditoriums in Buenos Aires and because of his impact he was invited to meet privately with the governor to share his success concepts."
    - Randy Bradley
    Executive Director, Santa Fe, Argentina
  • "Dr. Harold Finch delivers a powerful message of encouragement!"
    - Dr. Paul Eustache
    Director of Planning, PDVSA (national petroleum), Caracas, Venezuela
  • "Dr. Finch had my agents sitting on the edge of their seats."
    - Patti Gabrielse
    Keller Williams Realty Broker, Shawnee, KS
  • "Dr. Finch's remarkable track record is topped only by his gifted ability to transfer practical knowledge to others!"
    - Chad Bettes
    Senior Advisor for Public Diplomacy, U.S. Department of State
  • Dreaming the Impossible Dream
  • Setting and Achieving Winning Goals
  • Integrity and Honesty: the Foundation for Success
  • Discovering the Secrets to Achieving More
Dr. Finch has authored over 25 publications including his latest book: The Three Keys that Open the Door to Great Success.
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